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Ovoskop OV1-60D
  • Ovoskop OV1-60D

Ovoskop OV1-60D

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Ovoskop OV1-60D


Ovoskop of the OV1-60D model perfectly serves for definition of quality of eggs that it is necessary to make before folding them in an incubator. The same procedure needs to be made several times so far eggs are on an incubation. In this model it is used a light-emitting diode. Thanks to it it is very easy to illuminate eggs a powerful stream of light. Energy consumption minimum.

This ovoskop works at light-emitting diodes that allows to concentrate an exact light stream for raying of eggs, at the same time electricity consumption minimum.


It should be noted that at high quality of this model of an ovoskop it is possible to diagnose the majority of dirty, two-yolk, "old" and mouldy eggs. After survey ovoskopy eggs of irregular shape, with defects, with incorrectly located air chamber and others are not subject to further use.


This model is suitable for diagnostics of small quail eggs as has the rubber coupling which prevents possible damages.


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